As of February 7th, DAU-UP and ClicksMob joined forces to be a world
leader in mobile user acquisiton & revenue maximization with global
coverage in more than 200 countries across all verticals.

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Maximize revenue from your mobile traffic

Integrate our Smart API for full managment of your mobile
in-app or site monetization. Generate revenue and engage with your users by displaying global CPI campaigns from the top gaming, ecommerce, travel, entertainment, finance, banking and utiliity brands.
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App Developer

Manage your in app inventory utilizing our API

Network / DSP

Monetize your traffic with our premium direct demand

Media Buyer

Our personal and experienced team will guide you to success

Smart API

Seamlessly manage your ad monetization via our Smart Matching algorithm. It's a simple and effective way to reach high-profile global brands with a single integration.

Self Service Dashboard

Full visibility and transparency of your performance using our real-time interface.

Post-Install Optimization

Our BI platform will provide a detailed view on how your users are behaving in the app.

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Global Coverage

Gain access to direct campaigns in more than 200 countries, on all operating systems & devices.

Mobile Experts

Our winning team of account managers will leverage their experience to unleash your mobile potential.

Reliable Platform

Get a complete view of your mobile monetization with our intuitive proprietary dashboard.

Single Integration

1 link. 1 pixel. for all of your mobile traffic.