As of February 7th, DAU-UP and ClicksMob joined forces to be a world
leader in mobile user acquisiton & revenue maximization with global
coverage in more than 200 countries across all verticals.

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Achieve results utilizing our performance technologies

Transforming years of experience, knowledge and creative minds into innovative technologies allowing apps to become scalable and sustainable businesses. Our proprietary platform includes a suite of powerful tools that predict, optimize and match the right users to the right app. In an ocean of big data, leverage our technology for your success.

Audience Matching

Reaching your target audience is crucial for your success. Relying on millions of behavior profiles and post-install data, our robust BI tool predicts, matches and produces look-alike clusters resulting in high-quality users for your app. Identifying the right channels, ad formats and placements will assure your app meets the right audience.

Quality Engine

In a crowded app marketplace, driving installs to your app isn't enough. Define which post-install metrics create real value, and our intelligent engine will optimize towards your goals. The system automatically increases channels yielding high post-install actions such as - registrations, bookings and purchases, while adjusting others to assure quality delivery and cost-effective campaigns.

Fraud Fighter

Ad fraud is a serious problem in the mobile industry. Fighting fraud is one of our core missions and we aim to lead this battle towards a safe and trusted environment. Our anti-fraud solutions identify every kind of sophisticated fraud. A series of tests are conducted in real time for a full protection. With ClicksMob cyber security experts, mobile marketers can have peace of mind.

Performance Console

Control and manage your mobile performance campaigns using the most reliable, accurate and transparent mobile marketing console in the world. Built by veterans with years of experience in managing and optimizing online campaigns, the console tracks and attributes billions of conversions and in-app events for hundreds of global partners.