As of February 7th, DAU-UP and ClicksMob joined forces to be a world
leader in mobile user acquisiton & revenue maximization with global
coverage in more than 200 countries across all verticals.

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Grow your mobile app audience globally

In a fast-paced, mobile ecosystem, ClicksMob provides a complete mobile app user acquisition solution. We have years of experience in planning, budgeting and executing successful digital strategies and deliver growth utilizing technology, data and people.
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Acquire quality users for your app


Drive growth for your clients' mobile app promotion activity

Ultimate Performance

Our platform is directly integrated to the largest supply of in-app and mobile web inventory including DSP, Exchanges, Apps and RTB platforms.

Boost & Burst

In a crowded market with new apps being submitted to the app stores, app discovery remains the biggest challenge for app developers. Our platform is programmatically integrated to the largest incentivized platforms and will enable your app to stand out and reach the top app store ranking.

Optimization Engine

Our machine learning algorithm will make sure each campaign is optimized towards your defined KPI or goal to assure campaigns are cost-effective and yield positive results.

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Complete Solution

We provide a comprehensive mobile marketing suite to reach your growth goals, in all platforms, markets and channels.

Data Driven

Our proprietary platform for campaign management, optimization and fraud prevention will assure you reach high quality users for your app.

Market Leader

ClicksMob has been recognized and awarded for its performance and excellence by Forbes, Deloitte, Entrepreneur Magazine, Mobyaffiliates and the leading attribution partners.

Trusted Team

Our team is dedicated to helping you optimize and scale your campaigns. Day and night, we offer short response time, and the friendliest, most dedicated service you can find.