ClicksMob Opens New Global Headquarters in San Francisco


We are very excited to announce the official opening of our new Global Headquarters in San Francisco’s Embarcadero. Our new San Francisco Global HQ’s are an addition to our major offices in Tel Aviv and also New York which continue to grow.

Because many of our clients are based out of San Francisco, we felt it was time to set up offices in the city to be closer and to help us provide the high level of around-the-clock service that we hold ourselves to at ClicksMob. Our unique model of performance advertising at ClicksMob means that we only succeed when our clients succeed, and our new Global HQ’s position us to further grow in tandem with our partners.

In 2014, we saw an exceptional year of growth, with company revenue growing by 900%, and staff numbers climbing up to 30 worldwide. With our new Global HQ now open, we are excited to welcome on board 15 new members to the ClicksMob team! As Chen Levanon, our CEO, put it – “We are excited about the new opportunities open to the company in San Francisco and look forward to utilizing the exceptional talent here to build a dedicated team committed to our clients’ mobile performance marketing.”

Chen packed up her young family to move across to San Francisco to lead the development of the new HQ herself. At ClicksMob, our energetic, communicative and very team-oriented company culture has been a huge factor in the rapid growth the company has seen over the past eighteen months. Seeing the impact of the great workplace culture that we have cultivated in our Tel Aviv offices, Chen felt it very important to set up the San Francisco offices herself in order to be very hands on in the building of the company culture of our new Global HQ in just the same way.

So far, 2015 has been an action packed year, kicking off by being named one of America’s Most Promising Companies for 2015 by Forbes, and now the opening of our new Global HQ. We’re excited to continue to grow with our wonderful publisher and developer partners, and to see what else 2015 has to offer!