How The Mobile Revolution Can Fix Your Bathtub Leak & More


Without a doubt, pay-per-call has many advantages. It’s a win-win, realizing high payouts for publishers and high ROI for advertisers. What’s the secret behind its success? One of the keys to pay-per-call’s profitability is that customers typically contact a business when they are ready to take action. Industries in which the customer experiences a more pressing need for professional assistance can particularly benefit from this practice.

Small businesses across a variety of industries often receive the greatest benefits from pay-per-call arrangements. To start, pay-per-call advertising is a proven and cost-effective way to acquire high-quality and engaged customers who otherwise might not have previously known about your business.

As a small business owner, you’re no stranger to the difficulties of competing with the larger, chain companies all enjoying a significantly larger service fleet, advertising budget, and name recognition. How can you compete against these odds? The answer is simple— pay-per-call.

Let’s take an example of one industry that could greatly benefit from pay-per-call services: plumbing.

Plumbers & Pay-Per-Call
The plumbing industry is a great example of a service almost certain to “close the deal” after one phone call. When people have a leak in their home or place of business, chances are they don’t have the luxury of conducting extensive market research. Most likely, customers will call one of the first results that pops up on Google. With pay-per-call, you can ensure that you are the first result for these quick and easy emergency searches, making your business just one tap away from customers in need.

Of course, you can never predict when a plumbing emergency will happen. Pay-per-call offers a cost-effective solution to this dilemma as well. By limiting your ad focus (i.e. during overnight hours) to a specific geographical region, you can guarantee a low response time while also not having to travel too far from home during midnight hours. Quick turnarounds like this will establish a sense of trust for your customers, a vital ingredient for most small businesses and no catchy jingle necessary.

Pay-Per-Call’s Mobile Migration
For the most profitable outcome, any pay-per-call strategy should be paired with mobile outreach. Consider this: About 50% of searches in the U.S. are done via mobile platforms, making mobile the leading tool to communicate in the U.S. For these industries largely dependent on the “first results search”, it can be a 50% increase in profit when mobile outlets are properly leveraged. In short, your customers are moving to mobile and your business should be there too.

ClicksMob now provides the highest payouts of pay-per-call mobile campaigns in all verticals, including plumbing, taxes, insurance, banking, wellness, home services and so much more. Due to our performance-based model, we only make money once you see success.

So, whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, ClicksMob’s pay-per-call services attract the most targeted callers while also matching you with the best pay-per-call offers available. Our conversion rates in the plumbing industry alone reach upwards of 40%, with nothing less than the highest quality advertising across all platforms— keeping your phone ringing non-stop.

To claim your position as the “go-to” business for customers in need, while budgeting wisely, try ClicksMob’s pay-per-call services today.