By Natalie Shafir – Business Development Manager.

It’s no secret that the mobile marketing industry is evolving rapidly. Companies must adapt quickly in order to stay relevant. I provide the mobile strategy solution that helps user acquisition managers and digital agencies around the world stay relevant and discovered in this dynamic environment. I help them reach new and engaged users for their apps and brands.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned in my role is that my success depends upon the success of my partners. In order reach continued success together, I always ask myself, “What really matters to UA managers and how can we help them?”

When UA managers evaluate me and ClicksMob as a potential mobile user acquisition partner, they typically look at four main things: Professionalism, Tech & Data Capabilities, Human Intelligence and how we fight mobile ad fraud.

1 – Professionalism

A UA manager needs a professional and dependable user acquisition partner that will add value to their digital strategy. A UA manager sifts through a sea of ad networks, advertising solutions and distribution platforms in order to find a specialized partner that knows the in-and-outs of the mobile jungle. They need a partner that masters mobile – the different campaigns types, ad placements, formats, conversion rates, optimization, attribution, pricing models, KPIs and most importantly, performance.

At ClicksMob, we understand the complexity of the mobile ad ecosystem. It is vast and ever-changing, but we remain a constant leading force in the field and provide our partners with a holistic solution for their mobile strategy.

2 – Tech and Data-Driven

UA Managers want a partner that has a solid technology infrastructure and bases its decision making on data. They want a partner that will efficiently acquire, convert and retain users.

ClicksMob has developed advanced data-analysis tools and technology that assures user acquisition campaigns are done at scale, in a sustainable manner, and will save our partners time and efforts. Our ongoing optimization process is based on post-install data, using various parameters in order to meet strict KPIs. Our machine learning algorithms, innovative audience targeting feature and proven methodologies allows us to stay ahead of the curve.

As a result, our partners can have a peace of mind with their day-to-day mobile campaign management, and rest assured their campaigns are well monitored, optimized and executed towards their business targets.

3 – Human Intelligence

In this industry, you have to use both sides of your brain. You must be analytical and precise, yet you must understand how to emotionally connect with people. The mobile revolution has emphasized the importance of technological innovation, but at ClicksMob we also stress the importance of the human touch – or what we call, Tech with a touch.

We are responsive – Providing regular feedback is key. UA managers appreciate a partner that is proactive and always ready with suggestions.

We are transparent – UA managers want to know where their users come from and if they are being engaged, therefore, they need a partner that is committed to honest performance.

We are trustworthy – Setting expectations and assessing possible campaign scenarios and outcomes establishes trust from the get-go. The goal is a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership.

A user acquisition partner who exhibits the above qualities can set themselves apart from the rest.

4 – Fighting Fraud

UA managers want a partner that is up-to-date with industry developments – the good, the bad and the ugly. Currently, mobile ad fraud is one of the most challenging issues in the industry and fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

We continuously take a proactive approach towards the fight against fraud and invest our energy and resources to develop cutting-edge solutions. Our tools perform a real-time scan and in-depth analyses across all traffic channels in order to detect, minimize and block fraudulent activity.

Fraud will not disappear, quite the contrary, so UA managers need a reliable user acquisition partner who is committed to fight against mobile ad fraud and have the technology means and know-how to fight it.

Natalie Shafir is a Business Development Manager @ ClicksMob. Natalie is responsible for growing the client portfolio which is comprised of the biggest direct advertisers in the gaming, ecommerce, travel, entertainment and finance sectors in the world. Her focus on gaining a deep understanding of her partners businesses helps her develop the right mobile strategy to expand their mobile app presence – globally.

If you’d like to hear more about ClicksMob mobile user acquisition solutions and how Natalie and her team can help you grow your app, contact Natalie at [email protected]